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18 weeks old- Sleeping only on mom with no predictable sleep schedule

We just went through sleep training my 5 month old with Danielle Rowe! It has seriously been a complete transformation. My daughter had surgery at 3 months and hasn't had any kind of normal sleeping patterns since. We began working with Danielle 2 weeks ago and she is now on an amazing schedule. She naps during the day and sleeps through the night (usually waking up only once to eat). And with that she is now a MUCH happier baby. My husband and I are ecstatic that we're getting the rest we need too! I would totally recommend working with Danielle! -Nicole (San Jose, CA)

19 weeks- Multiple night wakings


​​We cannot thank Danielle enough for the assistance she has provided to us in working with our then 4 ½ month old son, Gabriel.  We struggled with sticking to a schedule for him and it showed in his sleeping patterns, but with Danielle’s assistance and guidance we were able to come up with a schedule that worked for us, which made it easy to stick to, and now we have a happy, smiling and well rested baby. He has gone from waking roughly 5-6 times a night to just once on most nights. We could not have gotten to this point without her and we’re so happy with the end result. Thank you, Danielle!!! -Erin (San Jose, CA)

15 months: Co-Sleeping for naps and all night

This email has been a long time pending. I can't thank you enough for putting the plan together !! 
Anika now sleeps from 6.30 pm to approx. 6.30 a.m. and can now fall asleep on her own without me the room. It truly has been life changing for me because a) she is well rested. b) I have a whole evening to myself and no longer feel tired ! I have gone back to my workouts, ran a 5K last weekend and really none of this would be possible but for you.  Now, if you also offered assistance for picky eaters I'd be banging down your front door ;-) -Lavanya (Fremont, CA)

16 month old- Multiple night wakings


Danielle provides excellent support and advice! Literally within about 24 hours we saw results and our 16 month old started to sleep through the night consistently. The best part is that her plan is broken down into actionable tips to enable a full nights sleep for your child depending on what happens in real life AND a child's developmental stages. What do to if your child skips a nap due to a busy Saturday? What do to if your child wakes up at 5.30 am consistently? What to do if your child is on the cusp of transitioning from 2 to 1 naps? How to communicate to a nanny or caregiver? For us, having someone else tell us what to do, in specific steps, to tackle our child's sleep challenges was the best part. No more arguing or debating about 'strategies'. My husband was fully onboard with following Danielle's plan and appreciated that the decision-making was off the table. We had a plan provided by Danielle and now just had to follow it :) -Natalie (Palo Alto, CA)

2 years old- Needed mom or dad to lay with him to fall asleep then had multiple night wakings


My husband and I tried, unsuccessfully, for six months to get our second child to sleep through the night in his own bed. Five months into our journey our third child was born and then we were up several times throughout the night tending to two children. 
Our son would wake 4-6 times throughout the night, wailing and screaming for mommy and daddy. He would refuse to stay in his bed and insist on ours. Our newborn was not napping much during the day and very fussy. She was nursing every hour and would not stay asleep for longer than a few minutes if she was laid down. 
When a family member suggested using Danielle's services we figured what was there to loose. Danielle listened to the issues our family was facing and devised a plan that was easy and would work with our lifestyle to put into action. We worked specifically with my two year old son and by then end of week one he was down to one to two night time wake ups and an hour and a half nap. Before the end of the 3rd week he was taking a 2 hour daily nap and sleeping through the night. 
The night time routine we had been putting into practice benefited my other two children as well. Our oldest easily adjusted to an earlier bedtime allowing her to wake up refreshed and excited for school the next morning. Our youngest, at just 8 weeks is napping throughout the day, very cheery when she is up, going to bed and staying asleep in her own bed for 4-5 hours before she wakes to nurse. 
We can't thank Danielle enough for all her help and support through this process. 
-Vivid (Parris Island, South Carolina)

22 months- Co-sleeping and nursing all night


Prior to meeting Danielle, my 23 month old daughter was nursing on demand throughout the day, waking up at least 2-3 times a night to nurse, sleeping in my bed, and was nowhere near a consistent sleep schedule.  Initially I was very hesitant to work with someone in setting appropriate boundaries for my daughter, especially because I knew there would be tears involved.  After a consult with Danielle, and understanding my daughter was in a major 'sleep debt', I understood the importance of making changes in and around her sleep in order to improve both of our lives.
Danielle is incredibly detailed; her treatment plan really offered a complete breakdown of how to tackle our particular issues, I really got the sense that she truly cared.  Although it was rough at times, having Danielle check in daily, reassured me, & I felt that I had the tools  & the support I needed to continue on our journey.  
Suffice to say, after 2 weeks of using Danielle ' s services, my daughter is no longer nursing, she is soothing herself back to bed in the middle of the night, and she is sleeping independently in her own toddler bed!  
Thank you Danielle for introducing a sleep routine for my family - I feel much more productive & have noticed much better sleep habits not only for my daughter, but for myself!  Having 'me time' at the end of each day has never felt better!  
Thanks again! -Lulu (San Jose, CA)